Saturday, September 29, 2007

Still tired

I really hate this whole "I don't know my body or my limits anymore" thing. I'm still tired all day long and barely moving, and just walking to the library and the pharmacy (6 blocks round trip total) this morning wore me out so badly I think I have to take a nap before work. It isn't helping that I've been working almost every day this week, and will barely get a day off this month.

On the plus side, though, I am making headway in the diet department, I've really cut down on the sugar and the snacking, have kept to my supplement routine, and the sugar cravings are starting to go away. If I can stick to my diet, I should be sugar-free or nearly so by the end of October.

I've decided to return to the low Glycemic Index diet, it has been the easiest to stick to, and seems to work very well for me. By default, O will be eating this way too. I'm not making 8 meals a day, and I can't afford all the meat and dairy he would like to eat (and neither can his waist size!)

So far today, my eating hasn't been fantastic, I had trouble eating this morning and didn't have breakfast until 2:30pm, had a fried egg sandwich on toast, and an orange. I had to eat, finally, the iron pill was eating it's way through my stomach, ouch! I'm packing a lunch and snack to eat at the stadium tonight, so I don't have to eat the crap we have there (even worse than the arena, my best option is probably a hot dog, no where to buy juice, fruit, or anything remotely vegetable-like, but every stall serves chocolate bars and pizza!) Will likely pack a ham sandwich (with the sprouts I've been sprouting but not eating!), some more fruit, maybe the pasta from the freezer, and a small salad.

Tomorrow is tv football day, but I'm not buying chips or nachos. I'm going to make a healthy dip platter for dinner, red pepper hummus, homemade ranch, peanut sauce and some white bean-roasted garlic dip, with raw veggies and pita bread.

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