Saturday, March 29, 2008

184 lbs!

That's a loss of 11 lbs in 3.5 months. Pretty good (better than when I was gaining!) My pants are starting to fit me again and I'm having less trouble getting into triangle pose.

The weather is getting consistently warmer, no more -50 days, though we're probably in for at least 1 more major blizzard. Still, I'm gonna get my bike fixed this week (bought a cheap department store bike last year and the seat needs replaced already) and hopefully be out on my bike daily pretty soon.

I'm still not doing yoga on any regular basis, and this week will probably suck just the same. 4 games in a row, with scheduling and playoffs to deal with, so I'll be working killer hours again. The week after, though, I can basically take the whole week off if I want to (and could afford it), so this week I'm going to focus still on my diet, and next week will be yoga boot camp time!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Baby steps, baby steps

All these little steps I've been taking for months seem to be adding up. I'm not craving sugar non-stop. I'm not bingeing at night anymore. I'm not eating mindlessly. I'm happy with my diet at the moment. Not perfect, but I feel so much more in control of my body and I'm not having uncontrollable cravings constantly.

Nothing has been more important for me, I think, than making sure to eat every 3 hours or so, though. Not having the raging fluctuations in blood sugar is so huge for my body. I think this is probably the single most important thing to controlling all those cravings and bingeing, having stable blood sugar for the first time in years.

I'm doing well going veggie, not trying to push myself too hard. I had a piece of roast and some gravy at Easter dinner last night. It would have been rude to my aunt (who'd cooked for hours and has no idea I've decided to go veg) to have turned down what she had to offer. And I think if I'd tried to hold myself to being vegetarian, I would have gotten a bit resentful of everyone else eating meat around me. So I ate the meat, and didn't really enjoy it and I'm perfectly happy to not eat meat again for a while.

I made baked pasta for dinner, would have liked some beans in it, but O draws the line at beans and pasta (I really gotta introduce him to pasta e fagiole.) For the next month or so, my goal is going to be to eat beans or lentils at least 3 times per week, to cut back on high fat cheeses and eggs for my main protein intake, to eat 1 more serving of fruit and of vegetables every day (I'm pretty good with veggies, but don't really like fruit, I love the taste, but have some sensory issues, mainly with anything juicy, yuck!)

Exercise wise, I've been doing more stretching, 10 modified push-ups every day, some crunches and squats, and way more walking and stair climing. The stair climbing is really killing my knees, though (this is mostly at work when I don't have time to wait for the slowest elevator in the world), and I'm still not doing daily yoga. So my goal for April is to do at least 3-4 sun salutes every morning, and at least a short routine at night, and to do a full yoga routine, either my own or a dvd, at least 2 times per week. I'm also going to get a new seat for my bike this month and get out on the roads as soon as the snow melts (again, we had another blizzard this morning, ggrrrr!)

My weight really hasn't changed at all, but I'm just coming to the end of my period, so I'll wait a few days to weigh myself again and post it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Veggie veggie veggie

After a disastrous attempt at making roast duck last week, I think I'm going to be going vegetarian for a while. The duck was fine, but apparently, I don't like duck. So much so that just the smell of the meat made he gag. I couldn't even take one taste, I couldn't even touch the meat because of the fatiness. Now I can't seem to tolerate any flesh at all, it's grossing me out so badly. I've been thinking about going veggie for maybe the summer, but now I'm thinking of dong this for a lot longer. Even canned tuna is grossing me so much right now.

O, of course, won't be going vegetarian, but even he's happy about cutting back a bit on his meat consumption. This will mean a lot more meals of grain salads, beans and veggies, something that should help out the weight loss and blood sugar stabilization a lot.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm baaaack

So I've been gone for a while, but things are going well here. I've been super busy with lots of events at the arena, but have been really focusing on my herbal routine, and my eating, and I've lost about 7 lbs and my energy is going way up.

After watching Oprah's last Dr. Oz show (I love Dr. Oz sooooo much, his purple gloves, his yoga poses, his habit of bringing gifts of embalmed body parts, what's not to love?), where he said most adults in North America have parasites, I decided to add some parasite cleansing to my herbal routine, picked up some goldenseal after some research, and man, it's working fantastic! I think that's what I really needed to add with the pao d'arco and garlic. I'm also really focusing on taking the psyllium seed and probiotic every night, and I think that's probably the most important part of the routine, I really feel it when I fall asleep before doing my nighttime stuff.

Knowing that I was going to be spending probably 25 days out of 30 at work, at least a few hours of the day, I finally got smart and stocked my office and the restaurant fridge with some healthy snack food, high fiber/high protein cereal, almond butter, whole grain crackers, sliced veggies and hummus, cheese, sliced fruit. I made sure to pick very carefully from the buffet (mostly eating only the soups and salads, and made my own, sugar-free salad dressing.)

I'm contemplating going vegetarian for the summer maybe, too. I'm just not feeling the meat thing right now. Maybe it's because O has been eating so much of it, but I just can't stand to touch another piece of meat. I'm actually craving chick peas and black beans and tofu. When I started to cook a lot more meat to satisfy O, I just kind of lost my zest for cooking. I think I'm really just not interested in meat (it's not you, roast beef, it's me.) I'm way more interested in learning to cook a new bean curry or soup than I am in flesh.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Been busy

Last week was very busy at work, but now I have 5 whole days off of work to relax, and prepare for the Brier. I will be working 10 days straight, and O will be working at least half that, so I'll need to have 2 weeks of menus planned out, and lots of meals prepped and frozen. I will be working the VIP room, where they will be putting out an enormous selection of bad, bad food, so I'll have to be hypervigilant for the duration, too.