Thursday, August 21, 2008

23.5 mile

I'm almost at Elie, MB. Ok, so this walk around the world is going to take a few hundred miles before it gets really interesting. Unless you're fascinated by Elie, Manitoba.

Didn't start the 100 pushups challenge yet. Will start this coming Monday.

I was doing good with some weight loss, but now I seem to have gone right back up to my start weight, despite eating pretty low calorie wise. It may be that I'm not eating enough on some days, though most days I still struggle to keep below 1800 calories. I think that I have to include some really vigorous exercise at least 2-3 times a week. I was doing a lot of cycling last month, but my work schedule this month really has me booked up bad, and my new job isn't as physically demanding as my old one (by a long-shot, I once walked over 20 miles in one day at the arena.)

I haven't done any yoga at all lately. I think this is a big part of my problem lately. I've been way too busy, and my house is sooo messy cause I'm rarely home to clean up. I've been kicking my ass to make a yoga area to work out in, but it just ain't happening. Must find a different solution to this problem.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Walk around the world

Ok, so I'm not really walking around the world, but after seeing a thread on MDC, I was prompted to start tracking all my walking miles on MapMyWalk and join an online walk around the world club. I've embedded my map on this site, to really push me.

In other news, been keeping up with FitDay, which is unusual for me, usually I get bored with stuff like that quickly, but they have lots of reports and lots of different ways to track progress, so even though the weight isn't falling off, I have improved my nutrition and focused a bit more on bringing my metabolism up, and that at least is giving me a sense of accomplishment.

I've lost 5 lbs in the last 2-3 weeks, which is a fantastic steady loss that is exactly what I'm aiming for. I'm giving the credit entirely to using FitDay, cause I did NOT realize just how much fat I was taking in, yeesh! I've given up snacking on bread and butter at work and that adds up to around 500 calories a day alone. I work in a restaurant (with really, really good food and a French focus, that means butter, butter, cream and buttah!) and I usually gain weight when I start a new job, trying the menu and eating all the high fat stuff available to keep going on 9-12 hour shifts. It's really helping to have a neutral observer, so to speak, that can tell me exactly what I'm taking in. I tend to fudge things a bit if I'm doing the calorie counts on my own.

I've got another crazy week at work coming up, and then should have a bit of a breather, so plan on starting the 100 pushup challenge next Friday or so. Sadly, I could not do even one good form push-up (I've always had really poor upper body strength), so will be starting the program doing girl push-ups on my knees. I plan on going through the 6 weeks doing modified push-ups, then redoing the whole 6 weeks again doing regular pushups and working my way up levels until I'm as strong as an ox!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back in the saddle

Ok, so I've been derailed with family stuff, a crazy work schedule and the usual total body melt-down into a puddle of cold and flu germs every time I try to push myself to hard.

But I'm back on track again, which is the important thing.

What I'm doing right now is:

made a commitment to doing yoga every day for 30 days
(ok, I've done the commitment, but not the yoga, will start this week!)

made a commitment to do the 100 push-ups program
(again, commitment, but no actual push-ups yet)

Using Fit Day every day--this has been huge for me, I've been using this for 2 weeks and it's really helping me to see where I'm failing in my diet, and helping me to balance out my nutrition. I've been able to pin-point a few really problem areas (like how many calories I was really taking in from nibbling at the bread and butter at work when I'm hungry but can't eat until after meal service.)