Saturday, March 29, 2008

184 lbs!

That's a loss of 11 lbs in 3.5 months. Pretty good (better than when I was gaining!) My pants are starting to fit me again and I'm having less trouble getting into triangle pose.

The weather is getting consistently warmer, no more -50 days, though we're probably in for at least 1 more major blizzard. Still, I'm gonna get my bike fixed this week (bought a cheap department store bike last year and the seat needs replaced already) and hopefully be out on my bike daily pretty soon.

I'm still not doing yoga on any regular basis, and this week will probably suck just the same. 4 games in a row, with scheduling and playoffs to deal with, so I'll be working killer hours again. The week after, though, I can basically take the whole week off if I want to (and could afford it), so this week I'm going to focus still on my diet, and next week will be yoga boot camp time!

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