Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday not much better

Worked all day, from 8am, not a happy time for me, I'm used to going to sleep around 6, so getting up at the same time is a huge shock to my system. I managed to get a bit of breakfast in before leaving for work at 7:30am, but didn't get anything else to eat until almost 2pm, then just a crappy, fries and appetizer plate from the kitchen, chugged a bunch of cola to keep going, again, had a foot-long sub from Subway (1/2 for a late lunch, and 1/2 for dinner a few hours later), bought the largest size cola cup, and drank a full refill. No surprise I've been gassy and nauseous all day.

Took a walk to Shoppers to buy a new set of headphones for my nightly walks, but wound up buying freaking Doritos and some chocolate covered almonds and I ate the whole damn bag of Doritos, I feel like a fucking pig!

I did get in quite a bit of exercise today, what with all the walking, lifting, hauling and stacking I did today at work, plus walking to and from work and doing some yoga, but the doritos and chocolate just nullifies the whole thing. Plus my blood sugar is totally out of whack again, grrr.

Tomorrow I'll make some veggie soup and fresh bread, and a chopped salad and start all over again. Long walk in the morning, I need to go to the Village to buy Pao D'arco tea, so I'll take a very long walk all over, and pick up groceries while I'm out. Then a tuna sandwich and some fruit for lunch, do a yoga dvd after later in the afternoon, take a nap, prep dinner and try to drag O out to the cafe bookstore for some goodies and maybe a new (to us) book.

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