Friday, September 7, 2007

Getting better

I've actually been doing pretty good this week, been walking daily, did yoga with the girls at work over lunch, and have been really cutting down on my snacking. Being broke does wonders for the figure!

I haven't been keeping track of my food intake too much, but here's todays:

breakfast: quiche lorraine, granola bar, tea with cream and sugar
lunch: veggie lasagna (it was yucky, didn't eat much), a bit of garlic toast (also yucky)
snack: chips and dip off catering table, more tea
dinner: whole wheat noodles and tomato sauce
had a total sugar fit after dinner and ate creamed butter and sugar again, at least not much of it, and I feel totally crappy again. Have got to get these cravings under control!


walked to and from work

plan for tomorrow: I'm working at the stadium, catering, so won't be walking around, or even walking the ramps, so will need to exercise before my shift, preferably the water flow yoga dvd.

tomorrow's meals:

breakfast: tea, toast and egg
lunch: tuna sandwich, canned soup and fruit
dinner: at stadium, try to eat something relatively healthy

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