Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yeah, well, I tried...

Crazy day at work today, crazier than even I'm used to (and I've broken up drag queen fights!)

On the up side, I was, at some points, literally running for hours (somehow every single soup spoon in the entire arena has gone missing in one week. Every one! 1000 soup spoons! How does that happen?!?!!)

On the other hand, I lived on cola, brownies and chicken fingers to get through the night. I must have drank at least a liter of coke during my shift, I did manage to go easy on the dessert tray, but didn't eat nearly enough, as usual, and feel nauseous and have a wicked headache.

I didn't do any formal exercise today, but did a bit of stretching, walked to and from work, and must have walked at least 3 or 4 miles at work today.

breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: 5 or 6 chicken fingers and 1/2 of the grossest potato wedge I've ever eaten
dinner: 1/2 slice of pork loin and a handful of french fries, from the buffet, with a small amount of fruit, and 4 small brownie portions

and, as mentioned, way too much Coke.

Tomorrow, I am working again, but only a few hours. Will try to do yoga tomorrow evening, and go for long walk. For meals I will have toast or oatmeal for breakfast, leftover curry for lunch and a frittata with salad for dinner.

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