Monday, September 3, 2007

Labour Day

Just barely woke up today, I crawled out of bed at almost 2pm, I don't know why I'm so tired today. I kept waking up from 8am on, but could just barely pry my eyelids open, couldn't wake up, but couldn't get any rest either, grr.

Made O a scrambled egg burrito for breakfast, I ate the scrambled egg, with cheese and green onion, but skipped the tortilla and ate 1/2 an orange.

Stretched a bit, I'm feeling really sore, not just like my muscles are tired, but like their filled with toxins, like I felt when I was extremely sick years ago before starting to treat the candida, when I had to take a 45 min hot shower before I could stand up completely. I must have really let myself go this time again, and I have a lot of work to get back to a bare minimum of health. I'm short on Pao D'arco tea until pay day, so I can only drink one cup a day, I know from experience this isn't enough, but it's better than nothing. Will need to really commit to doing daily yoga, too, to flush out the toxins in my muscles and get things flowing again. The water flow dvd I bought sounds really nice right now!

Still having trouble eating without getting nauseous, had a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup for lunch. Ate a small bag of chips for a snack at work, walked to and from work, 45 minutes, and ate chick pea tikka curry on rice with sauteed broccoli.

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