Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm glad I blog!

If I hadn't read yesterday's post, I wouldn't have remembered what I had planned for today! Yoinks! My mind is going faster than my ass is growing!

Went for a lovely long walk this morning. Ignored work stuff completely. I'm not supposed to be working too many hours when the restaurant isn't open, ok fine, but then why do they call me with problems every time I do take the day off, like I'm supposed to!?! Yeesh. Went to Vita Health and picked up some more Pao D'arco tea, psyllium seed husks (for to make with the movements, so to speak, since I started taking the iron pills) and some fermented milk probiotic drink I'm trying out. It's freaking pricey so it had better be good!

Haven't eaten breakfast yet, except for a fruit leather before the walk. I'm really going to have to reset my digestive system, I'm not hungry, then I'm ravenous, then I'm too nauseous to eat, all in the space of a few minutes.

I feel like having tea and toast for breakfast, but I'm having a sandwich for lunch, and soup and bread for dinner, so I should force myself to eat oatmeal like a good girl. Will do some yoga later on today, I'd like to try a sun salute flow on the Shiva Rea dvd.

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