Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I weighed myself yesterday, but didn't post, so here's the verdict:
179 lbs

Not great, I'm still about 12 lbs up from my low of last year, but down from the horrid 185 of 2 weeks ago. At least I'm below 180.

This means my net weight loss now over 4 years is 16 lbs, down from my all-time, post-hypothyroid high of 195 lbs.

My goal for the next weigh-in, Monday, August 21, is 177 lbs.

My exercise goal for this week is to do yoga every day except Saturday. Since O has another football game that day, I'll use that as a rest day.

I will start the Couch to 5K program next week, with the aim to complete it in the 9 weeks alloted, but will probably need to repeat at least a few weeks in the middle, as I think it might progress too fast for me after week 4. Last thing I want now is to get sick, again!

I had a milk shake and a lemon square from Tall Grass yesterday, but had 2 pieces of fruit, and some veggies in my wrap for dinner. Went with O to Junior's for the milkshake, but passed up anything else, so I feel pretty good about that.

I feel really shaky and dense today, have all week. I will try to make sure I drink my Pao D'arco tea, and really start on cutting out the sugar from my diet this week. Other than that, I'll mostly be focusing on eating 3 meals and 2 snacks, eating no processed foods this week (I'm off work most of the week, so that shouldn't be a big problem), eating enough protein and increasing my water intake. I've been getting progressively more dehydrated, I wake up feeling hung over every morning and my pee has been daffodil yellow for a couple of weeks now. I'm obviously not getting enough water with the incredible heat, and my cold sweats that I've been having for several weeks now too.

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