Monday, August 27, 2007

Oooops I did it again

I woke up late today, couldn't get it together to make breakfast before work, wolfed down three (homemade) muffins and a banana for my combined breakfast and lunch at 2pm at work, and came home so hungry and tired that I ran out and bought chips and ate most of the large bag before I remembered that I had food prepped for me to eat! Arrrggghh!

So, diet starts tomorrow, really!!!!

The plan for tomorrow:

Pack a breakfast of 2 muffins, an apple, a cheese stick and a few lime slices to add to soda water at work, lunch of leftover soup from tonight and a small, tossed green salad with a boiled egg, the last of the goat cheese, toasted nuts and some tamari-sesame dressing in separate containers.

Walk or bike to and from work.
Do a yoga dvd before bed.

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