Thursday, August 30, 2007

Feeling human

I wound up with a wicked migraine last night, from all the crappy food, lack of exercise, and all the pain killers I've been depending on. Stress has been making me grind my teeth more, giving me more of a headache, the bad diet and candida is giving me horrible sinus pain, so I've been taking sinus medication for about a month straight now. The migraine last night was a rebound headache when I didn't take the sinus meds as usual.

My head and neck were so sore, and I was so nauseous from the pain and all the meds and supplements in my system that I could barely eat, managed to eat, what else, a bag of chips, but even the crunching was hurting my head. It was all I could do to eat a bit and lie down in the dark.

After doing some more research online last night about candida and anemia and other issues I have, I reminded myself that the headaches, muscle aches, exhaustion and fatigue, cold sweats and being out of breath on even short, 2 minute, walks were all symptoms of either the candida or the anemia, and I need to deal with the underlying issues, or this diet and exercise plan will never work, no matter how commited I am.

This morning took an iron pill with my thyroid pill. Big mistake, need to have it with food! My stomach is soooo sore. Managed to eat a mandarin and some cheese for breakfast. Must remember to take the iron pill tomorrow morning with food and a vitamin C tablet.

Have not had any sugar yet today, which is great for me. Will try to avoid any sugar today, and start slowly tapering off the sinus med, the gravol I've also been taking for weeks for all the nausea and insomnia I've been having, and try to cut out caffeine (again, learned my lesson yesterday, slooooowly.)

I aim to eat a tuna sandwich and canned soup for lunch, and beef stew on rice for dinner, and add a fresh salad with nuts and a boiled egg somewhere in there for a snack.

I also aim to take a 45 minute walk today, and do 30 minutes of yoga.

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