Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fall goal setting

185 lbs.

That's the starting point as of today.

Goal weights for next few weeks:

Week 1: September 2 - 184
Week 2: September 9 - 182
Week 3: September 16 - 180
Week 4: Septermber 23 - 179

Long term goal:
140 lbs by July 1/08

Short term diet goals:
reduce sugar
measure dairy products
reduce butter
eat red meat at least 5 times a week (get iron checked at end of September)
increase leafy greens
eat 1 apple daily
limit pasta and bread
choose meals carefully at work
pack lunch for work more often

Short term exercise goals:
go out for 30 minute walk daily
do yoga 4x's/week
attend basic step class every Wed in September
attend at least one other fitness class at the Y per week in September

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