Friday, August 31, 2007

Another so-so day

It started well, but quickly went downhill. The computer froze and locked up repeatedly, and at one point it looked like I was going to lose all my files, pictures, all my homeschooling records. That made me a very unhappy camper. Turns out the computer had a Trojan that the virus program was trying to get rid of, and that attempt was freezing and crashing the computer. Had to run the pc recovery program 5 times before I finally got it up and running!

Spent most of the day getting the computer up and running, doing the dishes and household chores, and waiting in O hand and foot because of his infected foot, so didn't eat when I should have, ran out to buy groceries and wound up eating 1/2 bag of Old Dutch chips and a Kit-Kat bar. And now I'm right back to trying to get on the wagon.

My neck and jaw feel horrible, though, it feels like my ear, jaw and the area in between on my left side is getting infected and I can barely open my mouth. I'm incredibly nauseous again from the iron pill, not as bad as yesterday, I did take the pill with food and vitamin C, but still don't feel great. I have no sense of hunger, so I'm just eating when my blood sugar falls and I become dizzy, fuzzy-headed and ravenous.

Tomorrow is a football game day, and I'm working the bbq, so I will not have much access to good food, and won't have time to eat regularly. I really need to get a handle on this soon.

Tomorrow's plan:
breakfast- oatmeal or muesli
lunch-soup and sandwich
dinner-curry in crockpot or salmon with couscous and sauteed veg

yoga sun salutes in am
go for walk after dinner

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