Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reality Check

I need these every now and then. I've been having good days and bad days. Specifically a "good" day (one with lots of physical activity) is inevitably followed by a "bad" day (one where I can barely get off the couch.) I know I've said it over and over, but I really have to go easy on my body these days, I just can't expect out of it what I could 10 years ago.

So, the plan for today:
Breakfast-steel cut oats with 1/2+1/2 and brown sugar
Lunch-mixed salad with goat cheese and a boiled egg
Dinner-steak sandwich? or maybe another beef stirfry
snack-yogurt, fruit and a muffin
make sure to drink 2 cups of Pao D'arco tea

exercise plan:
do the Shiva Rea dvd sun salutes to wake myself up a bit
go for a mid to long walk

ok, so I've already had a big glass of milk and a handful of chocolate chips, I'm human

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