Sunday, August 26, 2007

So, I've already blown my diet

Diets don't work, that's what everyone says, and I'm living proof.

No really, I seriously am going to work on this no sugar thing, starting... tomorrow.

The problem today, I think, was that I didn't have a meal planned out well for breakfast, so I just had bread, butter and honey, and I didn't eat lunch, so then I was starved by 4pm and went and got chips. Again. I know all this. I do this stuff every day. I knew today was the day I wanted to start my diet. So why didn't I plan this all out a little better?

I still haven't made the multi-grain bread I've been meaning to make this week, nor the apple carrot muffins, nor the cookies to put in the freezer for when I really have to have a treat. Since I didn't make the homemade snack food I need, I wound up snacking on crap again.

So...lesson learned. What am I doing for tomorrow?

I need a breakfast and lunch plan. I'm sick and tired of toast, or bread and butter, and I'm to the point where another sandwich will send me over the edge. I need to plan some real food.

breakfast: smoothie or muesli
lunch: muffin, apple and cheese,
dinner: tortellini minestrone with hot italian sausage

breakfast: muffin, fruit and cheese
lunch: leftover soup
dinner: sirloin steak and pasta salad

breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: leftover pasta salad
dinner: goat cheese frittata with crusty bread and green salad

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