Friday, August 17, 2007


Did pretty good today after all. Walked to and from work, and did the Yoga for Beginners dvd (the Shiva Rea one turned out to be too hard at the moment, or, more specifically, my body is too soft and squishy for it.) Made beef burguignon for dinner, quite yummy. Then had a massive sugar craving and ate some butter and sugar creamed (yuck, I'm channeling my childhood when I'd sneak the creamed butter and sugar out of the bowl when my mom made pound cake.)

Also had two slices of toast with butter, and three slices of bread and butter with the stew. I'm definitely craving some carbs, but it's not the total brain meltdown it was a few weeks ago. All in all, things are getting better. Still forgot my tea again today, will need to get on that tomorrow.

And I have two glorious days to sleep in and not worry about when I have to get up, ahhh, the life.

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