Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No more daily check-ins

Ok, maybe it was a tad ambitious of me to think that I would have time every day to blog about my eating and exercise, let alone exercise daily. As it is right now I should be doing the laundry, dishes and shopping in the one hour I have before going to work for 10 hours, but I'm playing hooky from my life.

I did manage last week to start doing one of my yoga dvd's, the beginner flow in Shiva Rea's Fluid Power Vinyassa flow. It's an intermediate beginner dvd, which is great because I get bored quickly relearning the positions over and over again, but wow, is it tough! The great thing about yoga is how quickly you can progress in it. Even by the third time I did the flow last week it was getting much easier and went from "Oh my god this is impossible that woman has no spine!" to "I wonder when I'll be ready for the next level?"

My back and neck feel so much better for the yoga, but I probably won't have time this week to do any dvd's. I'm going to try to get in a few sun salutes every morning, and a few shoulder stands and some meditation at night, just to stay loose and sleep well.

My eating goals are going well. O has offered to take over making dinners when I'm at work, I probably won't be eating much that he cooks, but he is taking over the burden of making sure he is fed during the day, a huge time thief for me, spending 2-3 hours a day doing the shopping, prep, cooking and clean-up, and making for a very, very cranky mom. I will take over doing the dishes (which I've been doing the past few months anyway), and he will deal with his own lunches and dinners. The quality of his eating is going down, but he's a 14 year old boy, and is really, really resisting eating vegan grain salads and poached fish, lol. I can deal with the occasional box of Kraft Dinner going into him, if it means that I can eat better, regain my energy and start to work on his diet when I have the strength for the fight.

I'm getting close to eliminating sugar, adding Goldenseal to my herbs has really helped. I'm aiming again for a complete elimination by summer, and to eat sugar, dairy and meat free over the summer. I'll see how I feel in September about my diet and readjust then.

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