Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Movie night

I went to see Juno with my niece last night (great movie!!! btw) and B was greatly amused at my standard movie picnic packing. I never eat the crap they sell at movie theaters, the butter-flavoured substance they put on the popcorn makes me violently ill, I don't drink pop, and I refuse to pay 3 bucks for a chocolate bar, so I always pack a nice meal. I figure if I ever get jacked up by ushers, I will just argue that the day they sell fresh vegetables and whole grains is the day I will start buying their food.

I'm so used to packing for a day out with O, that I wound up with waaay too much food for B and I. But O and his buddy finished off the meal when I got home, so no loss.

I packed:
-store-bought cracked pepper hummus
-sliced red and green peppers and baby carrots (B's favorite)
-a quick greek salad (no lettuce, just cherry tomatoes, cuke, red onion and feta)
-a cheese and veggie wrap sliced in half (still too much for the two of us)
-a baggie each of grapes and orange slices
-2 one liter bottles of water
-a bag of Reese's tiny peanut butter cup things (it's a movie, we needed a treat!)

The meal went over great with B, she's always asking me about food and meal suggestions. My sis and bil eat a very standard suburban family diet (lots of frozen stuff, lots of drive-thru), the two youngest are very happy with this (the middle girl has lots of food issues, will only eat a few foods, even though she's almost 18 now will still mostly eat chicken fingers and fries, and the youngest is just highly suspicious of anything new.) So B is craving whole foods in a big way. It's so much fun taking her out to shop and eat, and cooking for her. She gets so excited about simple, good food. I bought her a copy of The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters for Xmas and she's been so excited by it, calls me to tell me whenever she tries out a new recipe. It's great to have another foodie in the family.

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