Friday, February 15, 2008

Post-gala hangover

Oh, I wish, don't be fooled by the title of this post. Last night was our annual charity fund raising gala at the arena, and I'm feeling sick, sore and so very, very tired today. Last night wasn't bad as far as galas have been, it's not like the Grey Cup gala I worked where I did a 60 hour week before the gala, and an 18 hour day during the gala (wearing a full tuxedo, no less) sprinting the length of the arena at least 4 or 5 dozen times, on top of everything else.

This gala was very, very small by comparison, 500 people or so, a tested menu, no real surprises, and we've had enough experience with this stuff that we had everything set up in advance, including water and a meal for staff. So it wasn't nearly as bad as it could be, I didn't even work any overtime, and only had to go around the arena a dozen times or so. I still wound up drinking way too much canned pop, eating pizza and chicken fingers and the most disgusting meat balls in gravy (oh the joys of the staff dinner), a chocolate martini that was a thank you from the boss, several handfuls of candy from the candy cart on the floor and munching down let's just say more than one of the left-over gala desserts (chocolate banana perogies in caramel with a chocolate tulip filled with Amarula cream.)

This past week at work has been a bit... stressful. Between losing half my staff to mid-terms (meaning I had to serve tables while simultaneously supervising the restaurant and two bars), the surprise health inspection, the annual inspection by head office, the fire (a small fire on the buffet table,) at that point I was thinking a plague of locusts would descend next. So while the gala night wasn't very stressful, at least compared to last two, it was pretty the nail in the coffin for my week. I woke up today barely able to stand, shaking, dizzy, dehydrated.

So, I shouldn't be too hard on myself for completely falling off the wagon over the past two days. Crappy food, not nearly enough exercise, more stress than I should probably go through in a year, Doritos for breakfast today. Sigh.

Back on that stupid wagon...

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