Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snackage planning

I ate potato chips today, a whole big bag full. I was so tired by the end of the day today I just wandered through the grocery store and bought junk food, sigh.

It's the last day of my hell week, tho. I can take at least 2 days off work, maybe I'll even take three, if nothing goes really bad.

I finally have a chance to do the grocery shop I've needed to do for weeks, but now it's a stat holiday tomorrow and I don't know if stupid store will be open, gar!

I'm going to put together a care package for work like I did last year, healthy snack foods I can dip into or make a small meal out of in an emergency.

Whole wheat crackers
Whole wheat pitas or tortillas
high fiber cereal (no sugar, obviously)
whole wheat couscous pilaf mix (homemade, I'll post a recipe when I'm happy with it)
canned seasoned tuna
veggie chips
whole grain tortilla chips
canned or tetra pak natural soups

for the fridge:
bean dip (hummous, garlic and white bean, spicy black bean, refried beans)
cheese sticks (natural)
skim milk
fruit (apples, oranges, mango, berries)
red pepper slices

Obviously the produce portion is too much to keep around at work at any one time, most would go bad, but a small selection of fresh food, and some healthy starches to go with them will make the whole lunch thing much easier.

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