Saturday, February 23, 2008

I feel so virtuous and good!

I'm really trying to push myself to eat better in order to set a better example for my son (the poutine and milkshake I had yesterday at work notwithstanding.) So I tried really hard today, and I feel like such a good mommy, even if O is grumbling and complaining about having to eat beans.

I made the most wicked dinner tonight, skillet black beans on brown rice with chopped peppers, mango salsa and cheddar cheese. Soooo yummy. O put his in a tortilla and ate the whole things in about 30 seconds, as is usual for his 14-year-old-boy self (man, boys can pack it away!) He didn't much like the idea of beans, as mentioned, and as he mentioned, repeatedly, all day long. But still, he ate it and a whole buttload of veggies to boot.

We went for a nice long walk on the river skate trail today, climbing the river bank in a few places too. I want to start with the exercise program I came up with for O, just a few basic exercises to start with, squats, lunges, crunches and a couple of yoga poses, hopefully I can get him to do 10 minutes or so tonight, and work up to 20 minutes in a few weeks. He's been complaining so much about his back hurting. He's grown so much in the last year, and even if he loses weight, he ain't never going to be svelte, he needs strong back and core muscles to hold his own weight up. So we'll be working on core stabilization and getting a basic fitness level going, for the both of us.

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