Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The walk down the river trail from home to work is 2 miles, and includes scrambling up and down the river bank at the access points. I've done this walk 2 times now this week, a 3.5 mile walk on Sunday, and another 2 mile walk on Saturday. Plus the one mile walk to or from work, that adds up to a heck of a lot of miles this week already, 12.5 so far from Saturday to Wednesday, and I've been doing a lot of walking and stair climbing at work, too. Hope this shows up on the scale this week.

I haven't yet done a full yoga program, but have been stretching and doing some squats, lunges, downwards dog, twists and crunches. I even managed to stay out of the dessert buffet at work tonight, ok, had a couple of little cheesecake bites, but totally not what I would normally have, and didn't have any till after I had salad and some protein. I kept to my eating schedule and I don't feel nearly as wiped after work as I normally do.

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