Monday, January 28, 2008

Daily Check In

I did wind up going for the long walk/hike on the river bank. We walked down the walking trail part of the river trail, which was very icy in spots and took a lot to keep balance, and hiked the bank at a few spots, all in all a very active day.

Made a large, fried breakfast, had a sub on white bread for lunch at the Forks (it was soooo disgusting), and made a pretty fatty dinner-steak, mashed potatoes with loads of butter, and broccoli fried in butter. Can't do that again for a while. We'll be having a bit of a pig out on Super Bowl Sunday this week, so I really have to be careful all week. The staff appreciation night is this week too, with chicken fingers and perogies on the buffet (and I'm sure there won't be a salad in sight, all frozen foods, only the best for staff, sigh), so again will be having some poor foods. I'll need to make up for all this with a few days of lots of salads, grains, beans and Super Bowl.

So far today the only exercise I have had is walking to and from work, and all the walking, squatting and moving stuff I have to do during inventory. I'm so tight and sore all the time, and I know I will feel better if I do yoga, it's just a matter of making myself do it.

I'm taking tomorrow off, but a blizzard if forecast (the wind's already started up, bad), so I doubt I'll be going skiing. I'll take the chance to do some much needed housework and a long routine from one of my yoga dvd's. I will try to make a good multi-grain bread tomorrow, at least one chopped salad, and a couple of freezer entrees for when I get really busy again.

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