Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ok, so daily posting is still a goal...

Today I walked to and from work, about a mile each way, not a huge accomplishment, except the wind chill is still so freaking cold that I had to stop in at stores both ways in order to stop feeling my legs-numbness being a good sign after the stabbing shooting pain of near-frostbite.

Ate pretty good, though had sugar on my cereal this am, and a Cadbury's easter cream egg after my roast beef sub at lunch. Easter cream eggs are a huge weakness of mine. I think they are the most perfect of foods. Having the good ones around (not all dried up like they get after Easter, yuk) is going to be a problem.

I'm getting really frustrated at the amount of times that I'm cheating and back tracking. I have one really bad day at work with the dessert buffet, and then I'm struggling for a week again trying to detox. I'm detox today again from the show last night. I have switched to drinking Diet Coke at work, not something I want to keep up for the long run, but it's really helping right now to keep the sugar cravings down. While I did wind up eating 4 or 5 things from the dessert buffet last night, everything is cut into very small portions, and I normally eat 10 or 15 pieces throughout a work night, so that's a small victory in itself.

My boss is leaving tomorrow for almost 3 weeks away to train a catering manager at another one of our facilities, which means 15 days straight of work with no time off at all, and a whole hell of a lot of work after that too. I'm going to have to really discipline myself to keep to any semblance of a diet while at work.

I've been doing a bit of stretching out and yoga with O, and I'm going to try to make sun salutes a daily routine for the both of us. I just feel so much better and more energized when I've done some inversions in the morning.

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