Friday, January 25, 2008

Starting to see a change

I'm starting to make some of my goals, and feeling so much better for it. I started to take Goldenseal yesterday, don't know if that is making a difference yet, it's pretty early, but I'm feeling very good, better than I have for months, despite the crazy schedule I'm working right now.

Have been walking to and from work again. Even with the cold snap, I really do need that daily walk. No matter how embarrassing it is to walk around in public with snow pants on. At 37. Sigh, vanity is a harsh mistress.

Doing OK with eating at work. I've been making a point of getting myself a veggie sub on my way to work when I didn't get it together to make lunch at home, and that seems to be helping. I'm not walking into the kitchen every day when they're plating up the dessert buffet ravenously hungry. I did have three pieces of carrot cake off the buffet after close last night (tiny, minuscule pieces, microscopic, even, really!) and some toast with honey last night (ok, and this morning too, sigh.) But all in all, my eating habits are really improving. Had a small piece of lasagna and a salad for dinner last night, didn't touch the honey soy chicken, or the bacon potato soup (which looked like papier mache paste by the end of the night), and didn't gorge on bread or any of the muffins, cookies, bagels, danishes, brownies and various pastries laid out for crew. Tonights buffet menu is largely the same, without the lasagna, so I'll have to make sure I buy that sub, and have the soup and salad. Can't remember what the entrees were, but nothing too appetizing.

Won't have much time off work for the next two weeks, so at home we're depending on canned soup, frozen veggies and perogies, and lots of meat for O. I found a nutrition guide for high school football players on last night, finally a good explanation of the diet needs of your not-so-average teen boy. I've been struggling with doctors and nutritionists being all over the map with O, no one could tell me how much food he actually needs to take in, and what a good, reasonable weight for a kid that big would be (at 14, he's 6'2", 320 lbs, by the book he's at least 100lbs overweight, but his frame is enormous, his hands are twice the size of mine, he wears a size 14EEE shoe, losing 100lbs would leave him sickly and anorexic looking.) According to this formula, though, he needs at least double the amount of protein I do, when he's training or working out moderately, and even more if he gets in to some serious weight training. No wonder he's always searching for meat, meat and more meat. My biggest problem now is providing him with that much protein, without too much fat in his diet, and with trying to afford buying all this lean meat.

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