Sunday, January 27, 2008

Daily Check in

Did ok at work yesterday, hit the dessert buffet a bit hard (had 5 or 6 pieces over the course of the evening.)

I pulled out my X-country skis out of the closet, and I'm aiming to get out on the river trail today. Ironically enough, it's going to be quite warm today and that's causing problems. Living in Winnipeg, you get summer and winter and not much in between. I don't really have clothes to wear for being out in the snow on a warm day. My long-johns and snow pants are way too warm, but sweats wouldn't be enough, and I don't have anything to cover my ankles and keep snow out of my boots (damn low-ankle cross-country boots!)

If O wakes up early enough, I may just drag him out to walk the river trail and go check out the pond hockey tourney at the Forks today, and put off the skiing until tomorrow when I can buy myself some appropriate outdoor clothes. We'll see.

Still planning out meals for the week. I'm actually excited about cooking dinner tonight, when I can make what I want without worrying about prep or clean up time. I have to work tomorrow to do inventory, but that won't take long, and I have 3 days or so to look forward to off work. Maybe I'll try to make some freezer meals tonight and tomorrow for the rest of the week, and I want to try this salad tonight too.

Will also try to do some yoga today, either a sun salute rotation this morning, or do a longer dvd routine before bed.

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