Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cold, so very, very cold

It's -41 below today, and my only day off work for at least 20 days. I was hoping to hit the gym, but right now, I don't even want to go near my windows!

I am aiming to get some yoga in today, and start the habit of doing sun salutes daily. I feel so much better when I've done even a short 15 minutes run through.

The sugar-free thing is going well. I did have dessert last night, after working a formal dinner, but all the food last night was so fantastic, I couldn't say no. I did eat only one serving of dessert, and the higher end desserts tend to have less sugar in them than the dainty tray, so I refuse to feel any guilt.

Today I'm aiming for no sugar at all, and to keep my fat consumption down. I'll need to carefully plan out my next week of meals, too, since I'll be at work so much. I have gotten in the habit of having a 6" veggie sub at Subway, rather than a bagel and doughnut from Tim's for lunch, and that's a start.

I also aim to start posting here daily as an accountability measure, but with all the stuff I'm doing, I'll be happy if I post three times this week.

And really, despite all my whining about how cold and crappy it is outside, I think I will bundle up well today and go for a walk along the river trail. It should be frozen solid and slick now, and will make for a good walk.

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