Sunday, December 30, 2007

190 lbs!!!!

I'm already down 5 lbs this week, and before my period too! That was my goal for next month. My weight fluctuates so much that 5 lbs isn't a huge deal to drop in a week for me, but it means that I'm already 10% to my goal, before the New Year even starts! I was hoping to be able to get the big 1st week numbers, but still it shocked me, since I ate soooo badly all last week. Just goes to show how much a chocolate binge or a bottle of wine does affect my body.

I'm doing really well with the eating right now. I've learned through sooo many failed diets (well, they can't really have failed if I never made it to the end of the day...) that I need to make changes slowly. Since I've already done this successfully once, I have a lot of confidence in myself to do it again. I've already cut out the really unnecessary sugars, the pop, cookies and goodies, and sugary tea. I'm working today on starting to cut out the sugar servings I'm really dependent on, like in my oatmeal. Oatmeal isn't really the tastiest of foods, sugar makes it nice, but I'm going to learn to enjoy it without sugar. Really, I'm sure oatmeal has subtle charms that I have heretofore missed because of the sugar... it's gotta have something, right?

I didn't exercise yesterday, but I did a whole lot of housework. I'm moving back to green housekeeping, so it meant a whole lot of kneeling, scrubbing, rinsing, carrying the water bucket around to dump and refill. Not what I'd been hoping to do, physically, but if there is one thing I have learned this year, it's to listen to my body veeeeery closely.

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